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AST 50
AST 50 cutaway
The AST 50 seal fits all ANSI pumps and many others where a single outside seal is required because of an extremely corrosive environment or for low pressure service.

The AST 50 has no metal parts in direct contact with the pumped fluid. The multiple springs are isolated from the pumped fluid.

Because the proper spring compression is preset, the AST 50 Mechanical Seal is easy to install. Just slide the rotary unit over the shaft until it contacts the stationary face, tighten the drive ring to the shaft, and remove the retaining clips.

The AST 50 Seal is designed for use where an outside seal is required,as a low cost replacement for seals made of exotic metals, in corrosive fluids which attack inside mounted mechanical seals, and in food service where the seal must be cleaned for sanitation.

The AST 50 Seal is readily accessible, not hidden in the stuffing box.

Because the AST 50 Seal is internally balanced, no expensive sleeves or steps in the shaft or modifications to the pump are required.

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