The Hydra-Tech Advantage..
    Easy Steps
  • Safety
  • No Priming
  • Economy
  • Multi-Duty
  • Portability
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Global Power
    1. Safety

    Hydraulic power eliminates the fire or electrical shock hazards possible with electrical power.
    2. No Priming

    No priming problems, No suction lift limitations, No heavy suction hoses, and No loss of performance associated with high suction lifts. Submersible is the key word here!
    3. Economy

    Hydraulic Submersible Pumps are move economical than electric submersible pumps and self priming centrifugal pumps due to their ability to operate at variable speeds.
    Electric submersibles must run at a fixed speed regardless of the job requirements. Centrifugal pumps must maintain enough speed to sustain priming.
    The economical value is obvious. Less Fuel is required to operate a Hydraulic Submersible on most jobs thus resulting in a substantial savings in fuel costs!
    4. Multi-Duty

    Since Hydraulic Submersible Pumps can operate at variable speeds, One pump can do the job of many pumps that are designed to do a specific task.
    5. Portability

    One of the big advantages of using HYDRA-TECH Hydraulic Submersibles is the ease in transporting and setting up on job sites. We made that a priority! Your time is valuable.
    6. Easy Maintenance

    HYDRA-TECH PUMPS are designed to require very little routine maintenance. On-site maintenance consists mainly of oil and filter changes. No special tools are required to perform routine maintenance.
    7. Global Power

    HYDRA-TECH uses the most advanced air-cooled or liquid-cooled diesel and gas engines available. Manufacturers such as DEUTZ, YANMAR, JOHN DEERE and HONDA are used, which offer a worldwide parts and service network.

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