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We build matching pump and power unit systems designed to maximize the performance of our submersible pumps while providing only the power you need to do the job. Some examples are illustrated below:

S310 Unit S310 slim-line pump powered by our HT5G portable power unit

S3T Unit S3T - 3" trash pump with diesel powered HT11D portable

S8M Unit S8M - 8" high volume mixed flow pump driven by HT25DYS diesel power pack

S6T Unit S6T - vortex flow trash pump and HT60DCV air cooled diesel power unit

S12M Unit S12M - 12" high volume pump powered by HT60DCV power unit fitted with optional crane for lowering the pump into lakes etc.

S6250 Unit S6250 - 10" sewage pump powered by an HT100EV electric drive power unit

S6300 Unit S6300 - 12" trash pump with our HT150DJV diesel unit

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